Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Party Planning Checklist

Here is a handy party planning checklist to help you plan the perfect party.  You can also visit our site for more great ideas and tips on party planning!

One Month Before the Party

• Decide on a theme for your party. Guests love a theme party and they are so much fun to plan. Some ideas for themes are Casino Party, Luau Party, Fiesta Party, Decades Party, Wine and Cheese Party etc.
• Put together a guest list. Make sure that you have all of the necessary contact information for your guests such as current address, phone number, email address etc.
• Decide on a date, start time and location for your party.
• Start thinking about and purchasing party supplies such as Invitations, Party Favors, Tableware, Decorations etc.

2-3 Weeks Before the Party

• Send out invitations to your guests. Ask for RSVP’s and be sure to include a RSVP date (usually 1 week before the party) and contact information such as your email address or phone number.
• Plan your party menu. Decide whether you want to do a brunch, lunch, dinner or just have appetizers and finger foods and what beverages you are going to serve.
• Start planning any activities or games that you would like to include at your party.
• Put together a song list or make a mixed CD of music that you would like to play at the party.

1 Week Before the Party

• Contact any guests that have not responded. You can either call them directly or send them a quick email reminding them of the party.
• Bake or order your cake. If you are ordering the cake, now is a good time to get it ordered from your local bakery. If you are baking a cake you can do that now and freeze it to save time or you can decide to do that the day before the party.
• Prepare and bake any food that can be done ahead of time. You can freeze a lot of it and this is a huge time saver.

2-3 days Before the Party

• But any remaining party supplies and food. You should have a final head count for guests so now is the time to make sure that you have the right amount of everything for all of your guests.
• Remove any food that you have made ahead of time from the freezer to allow it to thaw completely before the party such as cake, casseroles etc.
• Now is the time to make sure that your batteries are charged in your camera and camcorder so that you can capture all of your favorite moments from the party.
• If you are hosting the party in your home, now is the time to organize the party area and dust or vacuum so that you are not running around trying to do this the day of the party.
The Day Before the Party

• Prepare any food that can be made the day before such as dips or salsas and ensure that you have all of the proper serving dishes set out for the food you will be serving .
• Finalize the cake. You can either bake the cake at this time, remove the cake from the freezer and decorate it or pick up the cake from the local bakery that you ordered it from.
• If you are able to access your party location the day before, now is the time to decorate the indoor areas.

The Day Of the Party

• If guests will be bringing gifts, decide on a designated area for the gifts such as a table.
• Prepare any beverages or food that could not be done ahead of time.
• Decorate any outside areas. Make sure that you take into account the weather prior to doing this.
• Enjoy the party and your guests! After all, you have worked hard for the past month. You deserve to have a great time!

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