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10 Popular Baby Shower Themes

Choosing a theme is the first step in planning a fun and fabulous baby shower. When choosing a baby shower theme, it is important to take into account what you think the mommy to be would like and what suits her personality best. There are a ton of fun and unique themes to choose from but to make things easy I have put together a list of 10 popular baby shower themes that are sure to impress your guests and the mommy to be.

1. Tea Party - Tea parties are a very popular choice for baby showers. You can choose to host the shower at either a local tea house or in your home. Invite guests to the shower with tea themed invitations. You can find a ton of cute invitations online or you can decide to make them yourself. For the menu, it would be fun to serve a variety of finger foods or mini sandwiches and tea cookies. Of course, no tea party is complete without tea! You can purchase a variety of fun and unique tea cups and have a variety of different teas for your guests to choose from. For favors, you can give guests their own unique tea cup or tea bag to take home with them.

2. Rubber Ducky - This is a popular theme for a gender neutral baby shower. A great color scheme for a rubber ducky themed shower is blue, yellow and white. Decorate the room with a ton of clear balloons to give the effect of bubbles. For centerpieces, you can get clear bowls and fill them with ping pong balls and a yellow rubber ducky. If you really want to engage your guests in the theme you can ask them to come to the shower in their pajamas or bath robes.

3. Baby Book Theme - This a great theme for a baby shower. When inviting guests, ask them to bring their favorite baby book with them as a gift for the mommy to be. Guests can also write a message to the baby inside the book. When decorating, you can set the table like a bed. Get a bright and colorful sheet and use it as a tablecloth and use matching pillow cases as placemats. You can also decorate the table with stuffed animals and binkies that the mommy to be will get to take home with her for the new baby.

4. Jungle Theme - For a wild baby shower you can choose a jungle theme. There are a ton of really cute animal print invitations out there to choose from and you can find most of them in a blue or pink theme as well as brown, green or yellow for a gender neutral shower. Decorate the room like a jungle with a ton of green balloons or streamers and have stuffed animals like monkey's and lions hanging off chairs and around the room.

5. Diaper Party! - This is a fun and practical baby shower theme. When inviting guests, ask them to bring a pack of diapers for the mom to be. You can assign guests a diaper size so that the new mom will have a variety of diapers to use for the baby's first few months. A diaper cake would also serve as a great centerpiece and gift for the mom. Entertain guests with the dirty diaper game.

6. Mommy Cravings or Comfort Food Theme - What better way to pamper the mom to be than with her favorite foods? The menu will be the focus of this baby shower theme. Guests can indulge in a variety of comfort foods like mac and cheese, grilled panini sandwiches, pasta salad and fondue or an ice cream sundae bar for dessert. You can also have guests to a recipe trade of all of their favorite comfort foods.

7. Circus Theme - Step right up to a circus themed baby shower. This is another great choice for a gender neutral shower. Decorate the room with bright colored balloons and streamers. Serve popcorn, cotton candy and caramel apples. You can entertain guests with a magic show or a clown.

8. Pea(s) in the Pod - This is a super cute baby shower theme for twins or multiples but can also be done for the expectant mother of just one. A good color scheme for this theme if green and white but you can also add a splash of color. For table decorations and centerpieces, fill a glass vase with green jelly beans or peas and white or yellow flowers. Plan a pea themed menu with a pea pasta salad or pea soup. A great party favor for guests is their own personalized pack of pea seeds that they can plant in their own garden.

9. About to Hatch - This fun "chick" themed baby shower is a classic. Decorate the room with white and yellow balloons and cute little chick stuffed animals. There are some really cute favors available for this theme online such as an "About To Hatch Egg Timer" and "About to Hatch Mini Whisk". You can entertain guests by dying eggs or playing the "hot potato" game with a hardboiled egg.

10. Bling Bling Baby Shower - This is one of my favorite baby shower themes. The focus of this theme is all about the bling. Diamonds are not only a girl's best friend but a baby's best friend. Decorate the table with jewels and sparkles. You can even glue rhinestones or glitter onto the tableware. Serve sparkling cider and mini sandwiches or cookies cut in the shape of diamonds.

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